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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is my favorite time of year and we've been able to do so much fun stuff! Jason took the kids to the lawnmower races at the fairgrounds.

Jason also took Jordis to the zoo one day while Xander was at school because he hadn't been to see the polar bears yet.

He also stopped to let her look at motorcycles one day.

We had a neighborhood block party. One of our neighbors is the fire chief and he arranged for a fire truck to come so all the kids could play on it.

Here's Jordis and her "boyfriend," Xav, at the apple orchard that had no apples. Since my friend and I took the time to get them there we still walked around since we promised we'd take them.

Jordis and her friend Alexis participated in exercises with the residents of the nursing home where we go for story time.

Jordis has also been sporting some serious fashion lately. Here is one of her outfits.....tie dyed shirt, capri pants with checks and neon green Halloween socks with black and silver spiders.

Now if Mother Nature could just decide what season it is.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fun at the fair

Last month was the Delaware County Fair. We have yet to attend since moving here five years ago, mostly to the kids being so small and last year because every time we had a chance to go it seemed to be raining. So this year we decided to bite the bullet, and empty our bank account, so we could take them.

Of course they had to go on all of the rides. Jason and I went on a few with them as well.

And what trip to the fair wouldn't be complete without some corn dogs?

This little guy was a hit, too. If you gave him a quarter he would put it in his pocket.

Can't wait to go back next year!