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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I often ponder a lot, but two things in particular have been on my mind this week.  You might think it would be sequesters, North Korea, electing a new pope, or something else along those lines that is rather important.  But it's not. 

It's PINK.  Not the color, although I do hate it, but the clothing line from Victoria's Secret.  They write PINK on everything, whether it's pink or not.  Obviously it's because that's their logo.  But I can't stand seeing a gray or blue or green shirt that says PINK on it.  Like this one.

It's NOT pink. It's gray.  I can't even wrap my head around wearing a gray shirt that says pink on it.  It's just wrong.  Although, fat women that wear sweatpants proclaiming "sexy" on the butt is also wrong, but that still happens, too.  I can only imagine how bad this could be if the same logic was implemented in the produce department.  You wouldn't put a sign up at the limes display and write "oranges" on it, would you?  Blasphemy, I say! 

Something else that bothers me is this newish radio station in town.  Their slogan is "The Answer."  Well, I want to know what the question is.  What do they have the answer TO?  Their website says "Intelligent.  Conservative."  Okay, that's great, but I still don't know what we're answering here.  Dennis Miller is one of the syndicated hosts they play and he has referred to environmentalists as "the great unhinged" which leads me to believe he thinks all environmentalists are liberals.  That doesn't scream intelligent to me.  I think you can be an environmentalist no matter your political beliefs.  Maybe they should change their tag line to "Ignorant.  Conservative." 

So these are the things that keep me awake at night (okay, not really) that will probably never have any resolution in my mind.  But in the meantime, I'm on a mission to find a conservative environmentalist who doesn't wear clothing from the PINK line at Victoria's Secret.  Wish me luck!