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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Yes, blah is how I've felt about blogging lately.  Or for the past however many months.  Maybe it's been a year, I haven't looked.  It's not as easy to upload photos from my iPhone as it was from my Droid, and I always like pictures with my posts, so I just quit doing it.  But some of my favorite blogs are written by people who never post pictures, so I figure maybe it's okay to be photo-free.  My blog friend will often post a list of "currents" or a SMP (7-minute-post - can't remember how she came up with the number 7) so I figured today I will do one of those to ease my way back in to blogging again.

February Currents

Current Books: I'm actually reading two.  One is Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety, recommended by my doctor who thinks I may have a "smattering" of Asperger's.  Some people seem surprised by this revelation, but not me.  It actually explains quite a lot.  I'm only about 1/4 of the way through so the beginning has been kind of boring since it's technical and terminology related, but it is getting interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how I can relate it to Xander and/or myself.

The other book I'm reading is my winter/spring bible study James: Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore.  I love me some Beth Moore.  She's not for everybody, but to me she is to the bible what Cliff Notes are to Shakespeare.  My favorite study of hers that I've done so far is about the book of Esther, but James is fascinating as well. 

Current Playlist: I'm such a wild card with my music, the other day I downloaded Christian, Rap, Country, Fats Domino, R&B, Rock and Cajun music.  My favorite song right now though is Daylight by Maroon 5

Current Color: eggplant

Current Drink: my new smoothie concoction.....almond milk, banana, almond butter, chia seeds, cocoa and ice.  Healthy and keeps me full.

Current Food: these Quinoa and Black Bean Tortilla Chips from Trader Joe's.  So yummy and you don't need salsa.

Current Favorite Favorite: Extra-clean master bath.  Thought I couldn't afford a cleaning service, but I can afford my kids.  Taught them how to clean our bathroom this weekend for some cold hard cash.  I'm talking toothbrush-to-the-grout kind of deep cleaning.  They are already responsible for cleaning the other two bathrooms, so if I can keep this up I could get out of cleaning bathrooms for at least the next 9 years while they're both still living here.

Current Wish List: new flooring, new kitchen table, new family room know, just a few odds and ends - ha!

Current Needs: A pantry.  Who buys a house without a pantry?!  Apparently we do.  I was so excited to get a garage and a basement that I was sure having an island and more cupboards would be plenty of storage.  Wrong!
Current Triumph: Cleaning out my closet (literally, not like the Eminem song).  I donated three trash bags worth of clothes to the Goodwill this week.  Yay, me!
Current Annoyance: School parking lot.  Ingress, egress, it's really not a difficult concept.  And if you're in the pick-up line, don't leave your car and walk away.  And don't make your own new lane.  Seriously, people.  It's not hard.
Current Indulgence: New recipe I got from Pinterest for some cookie bars that taste like no-bakes but are healthier. 
Current Blessing: Some things seem to be falling in to place

Current Outfit: pajama pants and a t-shirt

Current Excitement: Going to the Autism and Asperger's conference next month.  The main speaker is Temple Grandin and I'm so excited to hear her.

Current Project: Organizing.  Got a few things for my half of the master closet today at The Container Store with some gift cards my dad and step-mom got me for Christmas.  I could spend all of our money in that place but I was good and spent only what I had gift cards for. But in the meantime I found a whole bunch of other things that I could put to great use.

Current Link: Pinterest, of course.