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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Nutcracker

I try not to wish away my kids' childhoods, but I have seriously been looking forward to the day I could take Jordis to see The Nutcracker at the Ohio Theatre in downtown Columbus. With Jason's surgery and other Christmas happenings, I figured this wouldn't be the year. But then I got free tickets from work. Yea!

Jordis used my phone to take our picture before we left.

We parked in the lot under the statehouse, which is across the street from the theatre.

The LeVeque Tower was looking very festive with its red and green lights and cross pattern in the windows.

I love the Ohio Theatre and have been in it many times, so I was excited to be with Jordis when she got to see it out for the first time.

We arrived early and they had some singing groups up in the loge and mezzanine lobbies. Our seats were on the floor level so I took her upstairs to look around and watch the singers.

While we were standing there a little boy wearing a suit, who appeared to be about 8 or 9, approached and basically hit on her. At first he bowed slightly at her, then said, "Hello, aren't you looking beautiful tonight." In typical Jordis fashion she gave him the stink-eye, so then he looked at me and said, "Hmm, must be a shy one." His parents were standing off to the side drinking cocktails and seemed to be in serious discussion so they didn't witness this exchange (and I couldn't get my camera ready in time before he walked off), but it cracked me up. And of course he was right, she did look beautiful and she picked this dress out herself.

Like the Christmas tattoo on her arm? She is a Latiolais after all.

We went in to the theatre and Jordis thought it was so pretty.

She was really excited when the curtain opened and did a really great job of paying attention. I paid a small fortune to buy us a snack during the intermission and that held her interest a bit better than the actual ballet did when we returned to our seats. But then it was over and she clapped very loudly until the curtain calls when she said her hands were just too tired. Apparently the rest of her body was tired as well, because she was asleep before we made it to the freeway.

Hopefully she was dreaming of sugar plum fairies.