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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Unbridled Laughter

So not much is going on around here this week. The fridge is fixed and we have groceries, so that's nice. I have a cold which shouldn't be a shock to anyone who talks to me on a regular basis. April is the only month so far this year where I haven't been sick, so it was to be expected. The hiatus couldn't last forever.

The past few days have been pretty nice so we've been taking a nightly walk. The path that runs along our subdivision has a little hill and Xander's new thing is to quit pedaling and coast down the hill, laughing all the way. It's the cutest thing, especially when he turns to see if we're watching and almost always crashes. We decided that little laugh won't last forever, so today Jason went ahead a bit so he could tape him on his jaunt down the path.

That wasn't Xan's only fun today. Our neighbors went away for a few days so we're checking on their new puppy for them. Xander went with me both times I checked on him today but little Tango just wouldn't be still long enough for me to get a good picture of the two of them together. He's such a cute little guy, a coton de tulear, and I don't think he even weighs 10 pounds. Xander likes to get the dog to chase him but then he gets mad when he actually does it.

Jordis isn't as easily amused. She had her one-year follow-up today to check on the tubes in her ears. The one in her left ear has fallen out but the doctor said he's not concerned about it unless she gets fluid in there. So hopefully she'll be good where that's concerned.

This is about as much fun as she could muster for tonight's photo taking. She's not quite the poser that Xander is. Last night there were eight tiny ducks in the pond and I think she assumed we got her out of the stroller to look at ducks again, so I'm sure she was a little ticked that we threw her down by the tree and tried to get her to smile. She's not one to oblige to our requests for congeniality anyway, so as long as she sat still I was okay. Can't be too choosey when it comes to her.

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