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Thursday, October 8, 2009

This girl

Miss Jordis is developing quite her own sense of self. Not only does she like to wear a variety of different clothing styles all at once but she's becoming quite vocally inquisitive of things out in public. She's tomboy with a touch of diva and a splash of attitude. Everyone seems to ignore the attitude part though because her little voice is so cute. Here she is conversing with the Halloween decor at the grocery store.

She found Xander's old shoes that I was going to donate in her closet, but has decided that they are hers now. They fit her perfectly and she wears them everywhere. This particular day she was also wearing his old jeans. They're fairly unisex so I passed them on to her. Bulky sweatshirt and don't forget the princess hat.

She's also started wearing mis-matched pajamas. Never mind if the whole set is clean, she likes to mix and match the tops and bottoms. Here she is doing Wii yoga with a cupcake top and Minnie Mouse pants.

And on Tuesday, even though she has a closet full of cute girly clothes, she wore her brother's old dinosaur shirt, his socks and his shoes. I think the jacket used to be his as well. The brown pants are hand-me-downs from her neighbor friend, Megan. And don't forget....a princess hat, but backwards because she can't see with the bill facing forward.

Yesterday Jordis looked very cute and girly and an old woman at Kohl's was charmed when, as I was looking at something Jordis asked, "is that on sale?" "Oh, isn't she cute" the woman said. "I see you're teaching her early." I'm sure she would have changed her mind if she was the woman in the restroom stall later when Jordis peered under the door and asked, "Mommy is that lady makin' poops?"

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Tiffany said...

Okay, this post had me cracking up. Jordis is quite a character, huh? Hilarious about what she said in the bathroom. Love her outfits! I am such a freak that I would have a hard time letting her do that even though I know it is best to let them express themselves! : ) You are a good Momma! : ) She is a cutie!