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Friday, June 25, 2010

Polar Bears

Our zoo opened a new polar bear exhibit this spring and the kids have been so excited to check it out. The weather seems to not cooperate on Jason's days off, or we've had plans, but we were finally able to make it there yesterday. Jason didn't get to go with us since he was at work, but my dad was on break from teaching and wanted to go so we took him with us. We got there shortly after the zoo opened and went straight to see the twin bears, Aurora and Anana.

The coolest part of Polar Frontier is that you can go underground and watch the bears swim over you. They're so cute when they swim!

Next we went to the reptile building. Jordis spent the whole morning talking about how she couldn't wait to pet the snake, but when we got there she refused to do it becaue a man was holding it instead of a woman. Xander pet it this time though, which is rare.

Next we went to see the manatees, which have also had some additions lately. There are six of them now, including some babies.

After some recreation time at the playground it was starting to get warm and we were getting hungry, so we left the zoo and went to Subway. The kids said they weren't ready to leave, but they complained all the way to the car that it was too much walking, so I know we picked a good time go to. They both ate a 6-inch sub and a bag of chips, more than I ate.

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