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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A night at the fair

The Ohio State Fair is every summer and Jason and I used to go annually....until we had kids. Our whole purpose for going was mostly to eat junk food, so once the kids came along and it would have involved a stroller, diapers, etc. we decided it wasn't worth the hassle. Now, my mom and step-dad take the kids every year so we still don't go. But this year, my mom invited me to go one evening after she got off of work. Aside from the fact that my mom is fun to hang out with, we also have very similar tastes in food (minus my disdain for olives and stinky cheese and her texture issues with fruit). That being said, I had someone to share fair food with, which equaled ability to try more things.

Our first stop was sweet potato fries. Then we walked around to look at the chintzy memorabilia stuff people try to sell and spent a good deal of time looking at the contest submissions in the art building. We worked up an appetite after that so decided to try some deep fried bacon and cheddar mashed potatoes with ranch dressing. My mom didn't care for them too much, but I liked them. Next we went to see the butter cow and then a horse competition. Not sure how the judging took place where the horses were concerned, but the horses we liked didn't win, so we moved on.

The day they brought the kids to the fair the afternoon was cut short due to rain, so my mom had some extra ride tickets and suggested we put them to use. We then became the oldest people in line for the roller coaster. I'm typically okay with roller coasters, however; this roller coaster literally folded up into a truck like a Transformer so I was a little concerned about its safety. But we survived and went next to the ferris wheel. It was much better and we had a great view of downtown Columbus.

After the rides we went to the LaSalle building to look at our favorite exhibits: decorated Christmas trees and baked goods. We thought these were two of the best cakes this year. I'm always amazed by what can be made with fondant.

On the way out we passed some cute baby animals and then got our last mini donuts covered in cinnamon-sugar. It was a fun and yummy night!

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