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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Autism Harvest

A few Saturday's back it was Autism Harvest day at our favorite pumpkin patch. On opening day, children on the autism spectrum and their families are admitted free. There are vendors and snacks and all children in your party get to go home with a free pie pumpkin. This was the first year I took them by myself and although we had fun I certainly didn't expect we'd be there for six and a half hours. We went on a hayride and then they rode the Banana Boat. As usual, Xander had to be in the first car.

Then the corn.

Posed for some pictures and then went on the tunnel slides.

Xander rode the John Deere giant bicycle.

They jumped on the inflatable "pumpkin."

(I do wash Xander's socks, they just had to walk through dirt without their shoes on to get up there).

We went to the hay barn.

(Don't let this picture fool you. A few hours later they screamed, "I hate you" and "You're the worst brother/sister ever" all the way to the car.)

Jordis got up the nerve to feed the goats this year. I was so proud of her!

Xander rode the zip line and then they played for a long time in these barrel things. The other little guy is a friend that Xander made. We hung out for a few hours with Cole and his mom.

We were hot and tired after being there all day, but the kids love this event so I was excited to take them again this year. We're already looking forward to Autism Harvest 2011.

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