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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Some Like it Hot!

So this was the theme of the bridal shower I just had for Jason's little sister.  She just turned 28 so she's really not that little, but she will always be his little sister to me.  :-)

Anyway, she and her fiance met at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I was trying to go kind of old Hollywood glamour so I tried to mesh the two with the Some Like it Hot theme.  I know it's kind of a stretch, but once I get an idea I do whatever I can to make it work.

I made the invitations to look like a movie theater with the title on the screen.  I made Monique the starring lead character, the date was the premiere day and the time was the showtime.  Jordis and I were the directors.  I had a picture, but alas, it's on my old computer.

I decided to go with the colors of red, black and white after finding the plates and napkins I liked at Hobby Lobby.  It also kind of went with my Hollywood movie idea and matches my great room, too.  I created some decorative touches out of tissue paper and scrapbook paper, and also found quotes from old Hollywood acresses and sat them around in frames. 

I served hot wing bites, hot and sweet sausages, queso and chips, and popcorn since we had the movie theme going. For the dessert table we had red velvet cheesecake brownies and hot fudge cupcakes with buttercream.

I also got some pop in bottles to go with my theme. 

Jordis made her own gift for her Nanny Mo, wrapped it herself and put it on the gift table.  It was so sweet.  I think she gave her some Mardi Gras beads, a bouncy ball and a pencil.

Jordis also felt the need to sit next to Monique in her princess chair and help open presents. 

It was a beautiful day so we went outside to take pictures before everyone left.

Jordis took this one.

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