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Friday, April 11, 2008

The first post!

So today's weather is fitting with the name of our blog...mayhem. For anyone who doesn't know, one of my biggest fears is tornadoes. Tonight we had tornado warnings in the county to the west of us and the two that border us on the north. Mind you none of the counties were the ones under the actual tornado watch, as is typical. But no worries, I knew they weren't headed our way so it was okay. But as is typical with the weather here, we'll go from tornado warnings today to the possibility of some snow over the weekend. Which is precisely why I made sure my kids' birthday party was indoors this year, which seems to have been a teriffic idea.

Speaking of party, it's been a busy week here with both the kids having a birthday this week. Jason's parents came last Saturday to bring presents, then Xander got cake and presents from us on Tuesday, his actual birthday. More presents and more cake to come this weekend with Jordis' birthday and their joint party.

Anyone who was at Xander's first birthday party will find his "waiting on cake" pose below a familiar one.

Also this week the kids and I took a trip to the park with Aunt Mo. I'm still learning how to do the picture thing here, so hopefully these won't be so scattered next time.

Xan and Aunt Mo being loud.

Jordis says, "Don't look at me!"

It took this to get Jordis on the twisty slide, but she went over and over again by herself.


Jordis was the Michael Jordan of the park.

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