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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Girls Day Out!

So after a bad day with Xander on Tuesday, Jason decided I should take Jordis someday soon and go have a girls day. Excited at the prospect yet befuddled at where to take her, I wasn't quite sure what to do. We had a playdate at the park schedule for today so I didn't want to go there, and it was to nice to go somewhere indoors like Magic Mountain or the mall. Then I remembered that the city where Jason works recently got a tea house, which sounded like something girlie we could enjoy together.

Jason has worked in this city for eight years now, it was actually still just a village when he started. The main street has some little shops, all inside old houses, and I've never really been in them. Partly because a lot of them sell antiques which isn't my thing, but also because I don't parallel park. The traffic there in the afternoon is bad enough anyway, but the thought of getting someone to let me on the roadway from a parallel parking spot is too much for me to undertake. Far be it from me to speak ill of said city, but aside from them providing for all of our material needs for the past eight years, I'm not real fond of the city itself or the skills of the people running it. The two businesses I used to frequent (with parking lots of course) are long gone, so I really have no desire to be there if I don't have to, especially now that we've switched pediatricians and I don't even have to go there for that anymore. But with the price of gas being what it is and the fact that Jason informed me of some other parking options, I decided some food and strolling with my little girl could prove to be fun even if it was in a locale I'm not fond of.

I decided to capture the afternoon in pictures which shouldn't surprise any of you. Jordis was quite a trooper considering she didn't get a nap. We had a great time!

Off we go!

Fascinated with yard ornaments for sale.

Hello in there.


Had to see the duck in the pond.

Then a train came by Daddy's work.

Time for tea. Fresh flowers and good food, though the food picture turned out blurry.

The fairy room had boas to try on.

Let's go Mom!

Off to Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery across the street, then to Petland to look at puppies (and some other animals).

We also went to some other stores and to visit Ba and Ba-Dee (my mom and step-dad, named by Xander for reasons we have yet to figure out), but I figured at some point I just didn't need that many pictures.

Today my little girl traded in her frilly dress for shorts, and after falling umpteen times at the park and on my neighbors driveway she looks like she was in a playground scuffle. She never flinched, just got up and kept going, not even accepting my offers of band-aids. Maybe she's not as girly as her mom afterall.

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shootingranny said...

How wonderful!!! so neat! I am glad I stopped in to see what you added! 30 years ago, we Moms would just had a tea party at home. I don't think there were any tea houses, back then. She is so cute! Maybe one day, you and Leanna can make it a foursome! When Mazzy has teeth, to eat the little tea cakes, that is!