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Friday, August 8, 2008

Movie Milestone

This week the kids went to the movies for the first time. The little local theatre here, The Strand, has a summer movie series for kids and it's free, so I thought I'd take them. Figured no big loss if we had to leave since it didn't cost me anything.

I usually avoid doing anything in downtown Delaware simply because I can't parallel park, especially not the Jeep. This day I got lucky though and was able to pull in to the last spot. So not only was it easy to park, but I didn't have to worry about hitting any other cars when I left, either. The kids actually followed directions, too, and stayed on the sidewalk and didn't cross the street until I told them to. Xander only tripped and fell once which is good for him since he's always looking at something other than where he's going.

Here's the kids on our way in. The theatre asks for school supply donations so they were each holding their contribution.

This week's feature was "Horton Hears a Who" and for someone who doesn't like animated movies I thought it was pretty cute.

It was pretty crowded and Xander wanted to sit up front so we ended up in the 2nd row. Poor Jordis almost got folded up in her seat since she doesn't weigh much.

I don't know what Xander liked better, the movie or the snacks I brought.

We had a really good time. Then we went to vote, which didn't go so well where cooperation is concerned. But I guess we'll work on one thing at a time.

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