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Monday, August 11, 2008

Up, up and away!

We decided Saturday that we'd attempt to take the kids to Grove City's annual Balloons Off Broadway festival. It was 40 minutes from here, but parking and admission were free so we figured it would be worth the drive for the kids to watch 22 hot air balloons take off. Well, long story short, it took longer than 40 minutes to get there (traffic), the hot-air balloons did not take off and nothing went the way it should have. After the week we had I don't even have the sarcasm left to describe the evening, so I will spare you the details. What we learned, though, is that Jordis likes the Beatles and The Rolling Stones and Xander likes throwing dirt. And they had fun, so I guess all was not lost afterall.

If we sit here for this picture will you give us some food?

This is as much cooperation as we could muster.

The British Invasion, Jordis has become a groupie.

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