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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kids in the Kitchen

The kids and I have been busy lately, because around here there is a lot of truth to the saying "idle hands make for devil's tools." If the kids don't have something structured to do around here, more than likely they are getting in trouble.

Last Friday we made some yarn pumpkins. The kids got a kick out of wrapping me up with yarn and then Xander took my remnants and made his own art.

Today we were supposed to be making trees, using the side of our hand as the trunk and our fingerprints as leaves. Jordis started out as a willing participant, then decided the leaves needed to be smeared all over. Xander decided to paint a bug. I like my trees though.

We also made a new snack. I found a recipe in the September issue of Wondertime magazine for Powerballs.

It's a fairly healthy snack and Xander had lots of fun dumping the ingredients into the mixer.

The kids enjoy eating them and I had plenty to freeze, too.

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Lisa said...

Sorry for stealing your background . . . I didn't see it before I chose it for my blog. It is quite pretty and festive for fall! Regarding help with the sewing machine . . . um, I need a few more YEARS of practice before I'm ready to help someone else. Thanks for the chicken recipe, even if I didn't earn it.