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Monday, February 23, 2009

My computer's back!

I'm so excited to have my computer back from the shop, but now I have to try and condense what I was going to blog about so it's not so overwhelming. Jason was letting me use his computer but the blog program only lets you upload photos from a URL or from the computer you're on, and I didn't want to download things to his computer and then go back and delete them later. Too time consuming. So I took a little blog hiatus.

Let's see....I discovered the icicles hanging off the house the day after I made snow ice cream. They're right over the AC unit so I left them there. Figured there's no one walking around back there that could get impaled if they fell.

Jordis is finally fitting in to her Raggedy Ann outfit. My step-mom bought it for her, I think last Christmas, and she couldn't wear it. The skirt is actually still too big but if I don't put her in it soon the shirt will be too small, so I folded it down a little. She wouldn't pose for me so I bribed her by letting her stand on the sofa with her shoes on. I didn't know how long she'd wear the hat but she still had it on after church. I was impressed.

Xan likes rockin' out on his new guitar.

Pretty winter morning.

The kids love playing Wii Fit.

Jordis goes shopping.

Posing with the bird at Red Robin after Jason took us out to dinner.

Big storm. Blew a ridge vent off the roof and left us with a big hole, but we've gotten it fixed now.

Xander loves his new winter coat. And I love that I got an amazing deal on it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome to our spa and salon, Jason will be your stylist.

I think that's it. Not much going on with us. Hope you're all enjoying the end of winter. Or what I hope is the end of winter.

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