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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ugh, sick

I started a new blog post the other day but haven't been able to finish it. Xander came home from school with a note that said a child in his class had strep, and not 30 minutes later Jason got up and said his throat hurt. He went to work, but came home two hours in, then spent almost 18 hours in bed. Straight. I actually went up and put my hand under his nose at one point to see if he was breathing, kind of like you do when your baby has slept longer than usual. Don't lie, all of you with kids have done that. At least with the first-born.

Yesterday, after I'd come down with it, my Superman claimed an almost-victory of his illness. He mastered new skills on the Wii Fit, took care of the kids for me the rest of the day, and went to work.

Currently, he's here....

The little marroon sign is hard to see, but yes, it's our closest urgent care. Close, by the way, is an understatement. We don't even have one in our own city. We have a hospital, and lots of physicians who are not taking new patients in one of the fastest growing counties in the country, but no urgent care. No, you're not sensing any frustration from me. Never.

Anyway, he tried to get me to go along since we have the same symptoms, however I've had sore throats way worse than this before, and I also don't want to drag the kids with us because that would be. so. BAD. Plus they say (don't you always wonder who "they" are?) you're more likely to get sick at the doctor's office, so the rest of us are staying home. I'm going to wait and see what he has before I subject myself to any doctor visits.

At any rate, I think the wireless card in my laptop may be broken yet again, for the second time in the past two years. So my computer may be out of commission and I'll be relegated to using Jason's upon his permission, which probably means maybe no blogging for awhile. After he reads this blog though, my guess is that chances of computer sharing will probably be nada.

Muah, love you hottie!

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shootingranny said...

hi Heather! I just found some time to check out your blog and it was so much fun to see the liks in the snow. I was inspired to blog and add a few pics. Just 3! I will try to add more to this one. I haven't even had much time to blog at Yahoo or Myspace, lately. Hope you all have recovered from the streph!