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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In other news

Xander got a haircut. We were trying to grow it out so he could get the layered rock star look that's popular with boys today, but it wasn't working so well. When we took him for his last haircut she said it would need to grow some more in parts in order for us to get it long enough to layer. But it was too the point where he couldn't see and we could barely find his ears. So, I had my mom cut it up a little. We cut his bangs and the hair by his ears and shaped up the back. It looks better, so now we just need to decide if we're going to cut it shorter or see how it grows.

Here's a cute picture of Jordis that Jason took on Monday. I was in a store with Xander so he let her get of her carseat and sit up front. She thought it would be cool to stand on the console and stick her head out of the moonroof.

She also helped me a little with some laundry, although her interest in such chores is waning. She's definitely acting like a 3-year-old already. Screaming, pointing, crossing her arms and blatantly refusing to do things are now standard fare throughout the day. Luckily for her we think she's pretty cute.

I also found the BEST license plate when I was out with Xander one day. It would be perfect for me and pretty much sums up my existence. I don't know why I didn't think of it myself. I was probably too busy worrying about something else.

To top it off I got some great bargains on kids clothes this week. The kids are set for Easter, Jordis has a yellow dress for her Miss Spider birthday party, we have some more new fall/winter clothes and Jordis has her next winter coat. It's even pink if you can believe it. A great bargain always makes my day!

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Kate said...

I finally broke down and Colin got his hair cut yesterday... I decided it's easier on me to keep it short :) But I like the length in the picture!!! Very cute :)