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Thursday, March 26, 2009


The tooth fairy will be visited our home Thursday night for the first time ever. I was really hoping the kids would be older before this happened, but alas it was not meant to be.

Last year the kids got into an altercation and Jordis ended up with a really bruised gum. I don't even remember for sure how it happened, but I think she fell. Her tooth was never loose and she never said it hurt after a few days, so we never took her to the dentist. I kept thinking that her tooth looked a little gray, but Jason said he couldn't see it. However, at her regular appointment last month the dentist noticed right away that something was not right. He found a little cyst on her gum, almost hidden by the skin that attaches the lip to the gums. X-rays confirmed that the tooth was dead and because the cyst indicates infection it had to be extracted so that it didn't damage the adult tooth to come in.

We thought that maybe we should tell her in advance about the appointment so we didn't spring it on her when she woke up, but that didn't go so well. The above picture is a good representation of how she acted from the moment she got up.

Once she got her happy medicine I had trouble keeping her entertained while we waited for it to kick in, so I tried to get her picture taken for a full shot of teeth. At this point her eyes were getting a little heavy.

After that was the really sad part where they had to strap her down and take her tooth out. I could see her trying to look around for me and she started to cry and ask for Mommy, so they let me come stand by her and hold her hand. She was such a brave little girl. And as soon as they let her get up she was trying to rip the blood pressure monitor off of her big toe. Feisty little thing she is and I shudder to imagine the attitude she'll have by the time she's a pre-teen. We're already getting this...

Waiting to leave after the procedure was prety bad, as Jordis refused to sit still. She was pretty convinced she was going to get up and walk right out of there. When I sat her down in front of the treasure chest to pick something out she fell head first right in as she looked for a prize. I forced her to rest when we got home and she was fine the rest of the day. Now she looks like this...

She wouldn't let us take any pictures of her, so we had to sneak one while she was crawling around during Xander's sports adventure class.

I can't remember who gave us the Humpty Dumpty tooth holder, but I'm really glad we have it because I don't think Jordis would have left the tooth alone had we put it under her pillow. Her dentist (who we love if anyone here locally needs a pediatric dentist) gave us this cute little treasure chest for her tooth. Now I just have to hope she doesn't figure out where I've hidden it between now and the time she quits believing in the tooth fairy.

Looking for her loot. She appears happy but after she pulled out the dollar she said, "Where's my toy?" I thought $1 was pretty good, when I was a kid I got loose change.

Show me the money!

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