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Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting to Thibodaux

I know that fried alligator picture made you all so excited to see the rest of our trip.
The kids were bright-eyed and busy-tailed when we left home at 5:15 in the morning.

With the exception of a short nap Jordis took (short as in MAYBE 30 minutes), they stayed awake for


That would be 18 hours.

Once we got so far we were too close to stop so Jason just kept driving. Cops are good like that. And then 20 minutes out we got behind a drunk so Jason had to call the sheriff's office and they made us follow it. At any rate, it made this place look amazing once we finally got there.

Especially considering the lodging options we've had in years past. This Hampton Inn is only six months old and Jason got us the king suite so we were in the lap of luxury. It's really nice to have a lot of space when your kids need to run around. And the kids were really psyched about the continental breakfast.

Xander was so excited to go meet his great-grandma the next morning. He wanted to know if she had toys, because "grandma's are 'sposed to have toys." Luckily for us, she did.

We did some visiting, went to lunch, and then did more visiting. Later we went to dinner. The kids thought that looking through these chairs was so funny.

Jason's brother and his family arrived that afternoon so we went to see them at Uncle Keith and Aunt Sheila's. Then it was back to the hotel, as we had a big day ahead.

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