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Saturday, May 16, 2009

We're back. Sigh.

We've been home from our trip for five days now, and going down there just made us realize how much we don't like being up here. But I suppose there's really not much we can do about it as much as we'd love to live there.

We took about 600 pictures which I've downloaded and have been trying to organize. Obviously I can't show them all here, nor would everyone want to see them all, but I thought that my first post would be some of the non-typical vacation pictures.

Sometimes my favorite pictures are the candid or in-the-moment shots, where you can't really tell where people are or what they're doing, but how they're feeling at the moment. Where the kids are concerned we tend to get better pictures of them that way as opposed to when we ask them to pose.

So that's what we'll start with today.

You'd think he was the one that had driven all day.

Love the little belly and her fascination with the weed.

Jordis always has sweet eyes for her daddy

So excited to be here!

Xander thought no one was watching him trying to take some cake.

Jason's godfather/uncle and his little girl.

Jordis shaking her groove thing with Jason

Xander takes his dancing very seriously

Nothing gets in the way of this girl and her dessert

Father and son

Hopefully the only picture I ever see of my daughter leaning up against a pole on Bourbon St.

Watching for street cars

Fish fascination

Had to put pillows between them so no one was touching the other one and Jordis' baby had to have proper accommodations as well.

Would love to know what she was looking at

Love the sunlight streaming in on my sweet boy

So curious

Jason's cousin Shawn, still crazy, ha-ha. The entrance/exit to the bounce house was way too small. Maybe because it was meant for children. Of course I have no pictures of us in there because we would never partake in such childlike behavior. Nope, not us. Or Shawn's wife. Or Jason's aunt and uncle. Nah. We didn't all get in there after every one else went home. Not us.

Jason's cousin Morgan. Our flower girl. She's in high school now. Sigh.

See, too many pictures already. Next I'll be posting my adventures with food. Yep, I take pictures of food. I'm sure you can't wait.

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