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Friday, November 6, 2009

Blades of glory

Isn't this the best face ever?

My poor baby.

Xander's cousin had a birthday party at The Chiller and he was so excited to go skating. But this is what happened when he quickly realized that you can't just "go skate" the first time you try. He was actually mad at me because I could skate, and I couldn't get him to understand that it wasn't the first time I'd tried. I've taken lessons. He doesn't want lessons though, he just wants to skate.


I think learning how to ride his bike in an hour convinced him that everything is that easy.

He mostly did this.... a little braver....

...then went back and forth between doing it himself and having some help from me.

After realizing he wasn't going to learn to skate before the party was over, he decided he would just do this...

He insists it was horrible, but I think if I offered to take him again he'd take me up on it.

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