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Monday, January 18, 2010


Isn't it hard to think of anything bad when you're looking at something like this?

Last week, on the same day, my step-mom was trapped in Haiti during the earthquake and one of my uncles had to have a triple bypass. The next morning I went to let the dog out and saw the beautiful sky. Mind you, I detest the color pink. But something about the bright sky with the wavy clouds and the snow was really pretty. And it made me feel like it was a sign that everything would be okay.

Today Jason's grandpa Latiolais passed away and then we got in a car accident. Luckily we are all okay and the car appears to be fine right now, but I had to pull up my sky pictures again because they make me feel good. It looks like we may all be traveling to Louisiana for the service, so we would appreciate your prayers for our very long drive there and back. We weren't going to travel this year but Jason was going either way and his cousin graciously offered us a place to stay, so we figured we'll all go down. Hopefully the family visits and some warmer air will lift our spirits a little and we can return to a calmer, less stressful 2010.

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