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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm so excited, the little man can do some reading!

Maybe this is normal for kindergartners, but I don't remember being able to read at his age. My mom used to tape words around the house on things, like "up" and "down" at the stairs, "light" on the switch plates, etc., so maybe I knew some sight words too and just don't know it. But either way, we're super excited.

Not only does he know most of them, but if I make sentences them he'll read sentences up to 9 words long. He got a new set of flash cards from school today so I can't wait to make better sentences for him with more variety.

We also got his first grade card yesterday and were really impressed. He is well surpassing all of his goals for literacy. In the fall he already knew the number of letters they want him to know at the end of the school year. Along with exceeding the goals in every other category he is also one reading level above expectations.

For whatever reason he just can't grasp the concept of money, and we are still having some behavior problems. But the good news is that he has proven he can learn in a typical classroom setting, which is the goal.

Hopefully it will only get better from here.

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Sarah said...

How awesome! Way to go Xan!