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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daddy-Daughter Dance

Last month, Jason and Jordis went to the annual Daddy-Daughter Dance sponsored by our city. You have to be four to attend, so she just missed going last year by about two months. I had fun getting her ready, but I'd make a horrible pageant mom. Jordis is a typical girl.....she wants to look pretty, but she doesn't want it to take too long. This is the look she kept giving me when I told her for the eighty-millionth time, "No, I'm not finished with your hair yet."

All ready to go

Upon arrival, all of the little girls received a red carnation corsage.

Jordis wore hers all of five minutes before demanding that it be removed.

There was an ice cream buffet that looked really yummy. Jordis apparently had two bowls. She's never really adventurous, just chocolate and sprinkles.

Jordis' neighbor friend, Megan, and Xander's neighbor friend, Lauren, were also there with their dads, and they all sat at the same table together. Besides the dancing there were also some other activities, as well as a professional photographer on hand to take pictures.

Xander and I couldn't let Jason and Jordis have all the fun, so we went on a little date or our own. I took him to Donato's for subs and pizza because he really loves meatball subs and I really love Donato's pizza. It was win-win!

By far, this picture of Jordis was one of the highlights of my evening. She has never been one to enjoy posing for portraits. So much so that, after taking her for unsuccessful photos at 9 months, 12 months and 18 months, I finally quit taking her altogether. I was getting upset with her because she wouldn't stand still and smile for a picture before we left the house, and she rolled her eyes at me. Sometimes I tend to forget that some of the best pictures are the candid ones. I think this one needs blown up and hung on the wall.

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