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Saturday, April 2, 2011


I went WAY overboard on the food coloring for the kids' annual St. Patrick's Day eggs. I was going to tone it down with some yellow but figured I'd just be adding more food coloring, so I left it. Xander went to chess club at the library. He won his first match and the second was a draw. My "new" car hit 100,000 miles. It's had it's share of problems, but I've absolutely LOVED driving my Grand AM the past ten years. The only thing better would be if it had been available in a 5-speed. We've been going a little stir crazy waiting on spring to stick around. I became that mother I swore I'd never be, and I let Jordis go to the store in her pajamas. We needed something in particular like milk, it was the only day I had available to go, and I wasn't in the mood to fight with her about getting dressed for the day. So I just put her in the car the way she was. The world didn't even come to an end. Imagine that. Spring pictures were last week and we convinced Xander to get rid of the "mohawk" he's been sporting for awhile. And now it's April already.

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