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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break

Last week Xander's school district was off for Spring Break. Where I grew up Spring Break always backed up to Easter in some way, so this random week off at the end of March is a little odd to me. What a pain if you had to travel for the Easter holiday and then needed to hurry back for the kids to go back to school.

Anyway, we kept busy and tried to do a lot of fun things.....

Dressing up (Xander picked out this sombrero when my mom gave him $1 at the Dollar Tree).

We went to see the fish at the fish store. They like it when they find Nemo.

Our MOPS group went to Galaxy Games to play in the giant mazes and ball pits. I liked it here because they were big enough that parents could get in, too. That way you're not standing at the bottom convincing your kids to come out when it's time to leave. You can just go drag them out yourself.

The kids and I ate this entire large pizza while we were there.

We made monkey bread. I haven't had it in years and normally don't believe in letting them eat such junk for a meal, but the biscuits were on sale and I thought it would be a fun project to do together.

(Note to self: remember that the kids don't like rolling balls of dough and will leave you at the table to do it all by yourself.)

My favorite tree, without snow this time.

On Palm Sunday Xander was supposed to carry a palm leaf through the sanctuary with all of the kids. We made a deal that if he participated he could spend the afternoon running errands with me instead of going to quiet time. He agreed until we got there and then I couldn't get him to cooperate, even though his little friend Wesley was doing it. His teacher finally told me to leave and she'd figure something out. I was a little concerned, but he held her hand and walked around with her. There were so many kids it was hard to get a photo, but I got this one so we could show Daddy that he did it.

I took Xander to the Goodwill to look for Easter shoes. Last year I bought him brand new shoes for Easter and then he refused to wear them again for church or any other event, so I decided I'm not spending full price for shoes he won't wear. I found him a pair that looked brand new for $2.29, so after I discovered that they fit him perfectly I snatched them up as he was screaming at me that they don't have velcro, are too tight, etc. Then he said, "I'm not wearing them after Easter" to which I replied "That's exactly why I'm buying them." After he calmed down and I let him look around at toys we came across these...

They fit perfectly and he did pretty good navigating around, so I bought them since he had been pretty good for me on our outing and they were only $4. We were also able to find him some knee pads and he already has a helmet, so hopefully we can find him some elbow pads soon.

What a week it was!

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