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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jordis' Tea Party

For Jordis' birthday we had a Miss Spider Tea Party.

Miss Spider's Tea Party is a book that was written in the 90's and more recently turned into a TV show for kids called Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends. Miss Spider adopts all kinds of little bugs as her children and they live amongst the flowers where everything is bright and colorful.

I got Jordis a cute yellow dress for the occasion, since Miss Spider is yellow, and this is how she felt about it.

The headband didn't last long, either.
When the party started we put an episode of Miss Spider on TV and the kids colored a Miss Spider picture.

Then we had lunch.

I was brave and let them drink out of my china.

We started with caterpillars made out of grapes and cantaloupe.

We also had macaroni and cheese made out of farfalle noodles (to look like butterflies), and three kinds of tea sandwiches that were shaped like butterflies and flowers. There were also ladybugs.

After lunch we had a craft where the kids made doorhangers for their bedrooms. They had bug designs on them and I got them letters for their names and bug stickers as well.

After craft time Jordis opened presents. Here she is with her neighbor friend. You wouldn't know it by looking at them here, but last time they got together they spent hours digging in the dirt in an empty lot in our neighborhood.

This is Jordis' prom date. It's been arranged since they were born.

He got her this fabulous Yo Gabba Gabba necklace and hair accessories. Any boy who shows up with jewelry is A-ok in my book.

I love this picture of Jordis and her cousin. Orneriness abounds with these two and I think they'll be a dynamic duo when they got older. If they spend enough time together they could conjure up some serious fun. Or trouble.

After presents it was time for cake and ice cream. I spent 4 1/2 hours at my neighbors house where she helped me make fondant, and it turned out so cute for Jordis' cupcakes.

Jordis HAD to have this hat when we were at the store. Of course she only wore it for two minutes, which I had a feeling would happen even though she promised she'd wear it for the whole party. I'm such a sucker.

Tea bag shaped goody bags for the kids and flowered ones for the moms.

The promise of goody bags is how we got them to sit together for this. Apparently the two girls who are related inherited the same gracefulness gene.

We were glad our little girl had such a fun day!


Kate said...

WOW what a cute birthday party!! You ladies did a great job on the cupcakes :)

colin's party is in August - are you for hire?? :)

Tiffany said...

What a super fun party! Wow. I am impressed with all the it! Those cupcakes are amazing. Jordis looked adorable in her little yellow dress.