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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jordis turns 3!

Our baby girl turned three on Monday.

This one.


With her cute little voice and bright eyes she feigns innocence really well, but she has a trick or two up her sleeve. She's so much fun to be around but boy do we think we'll be in for it when she's a pre-teen.

She wanted to wear her Raggedy Ann outfit and go to the library, so that's what we did. Xander had chosen the last video rental so she picked Mulan for this week and then we went to the children's area and read a Dora book.

When Xander came home from school they got along really well. He showed her how to use his new computer and he also let her play with his Helmet Heroes.

Xander was looking forward to the presents more than she was. Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Sarah sent her a Lite Brite, too, so both of the kids have one now and don't have to fight over one. They're even different colors so we can tell them apart.

We got her some more Littlest Pet Shop stuff and Xan got her some pets to go with it.

She had asked for some of the Lemon Angel Bars from Easter, so that was easy enough for me.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

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