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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Picture Day

(If you're on Facebook you've seen these pictures already, but I had to share them here as well.)
Let me preface. Xander's school had picture day this week. Things today are much different than when I was a kid. Back then you brought your order form and a check and paid the photographer when you sat down. There was one background, you showed up and sat in front of it, tilted your head the way they told you, smiled, and you were done. Not today. Now you pick your package online ahead of time. You can choose different poses and 5-million backgrounds. Of course they're all cute so you start getting out of control.....should I get the red background or the tan one? Should we get a head shot or a standing shot? I himmed and I hawed and finally decided on the traditional head-shot with a tan background since I knew we had a cute outfit that would match. I sent my payment online and printed my receipt for Xander to take to school.

Xander did not like the outfit. He said he wasn't taking his picture. The same thing happened last year, but then he brought home the most adorable photos ever, so I wasn't sure what to think. There was a space on the receipt to write a note for the photographer, so I said that he wasn't sure he'd cooperate and if need be "please tell him that if he takes a picture he can ride his power wheels tonight." I also wrote a note to the teacher, saying that maybe he'd like to take his turn at the end so the rest of the class wasn't staring at him, since that's how they had to do it last year.

When Xan came home from school there was a note in his folder from the teacher that said, "Going last wasn't the answer, but he agreed to sit there after we mentioned the Power Wheels. I don't think you got a smile though." I asked him why he didn't smile and he replied that he didn't want to. Then he added, "But you never said I had to smile, you said I had to take a picture. And I did. So I still get to ride my Power Wheels."

Little turkey beat me at my own game, then he had the nerve to come outside with me and pose for these.

I guess it will be okay if the school pictures don't turn out. These are cute enough for me.

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Quilterbee said...

Heather, I have school pics of mine that are not the greatest. One year Joseph had a mosquito bite on one ear, so it was swollen and red. I think it must make for better memories. You will remembert this years pic for sure.