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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A day at the zoo

Last Thursday the kids and I went to the zoo. My mom is between jobs and had the week off so she went with us as well, and my friend Amy met us there with her two boys. Before we even got in the gate we had to stop and take pictures of the little ducklings we saw in the grass. They were so cute and fluffy.

Then the very first thing we had to do was go see the snakes.

For Jordis.

My girl.

The reptile building has a desk where a zoo employee will usually sit holding a snake and you can go pet it. Jordis loves to pet the snake and the past few times we've been to the zoo no one has been there with it, so I promised we could go to the reptile building on this visit. Xander actually pet it this time as well, so I was really proud of him. I think it might be the first time he was willing to touch it. Then they wanted their picture taken here:

And here:

Then of course all the kids wanted to see the penguins, one of the stinkiest animals at the zoo. They were pretty active though so we enjoyed watching them. Then the kids wanted more pictures.

Wes, Garrett, Jordis and Xander

And of course you can't forget the petting zoo.

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