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Sunday, May 9, 2010


On Friday, my mom and I took the kids to the annual Touch-A-Truck event in the city where Jason works. I haven't attempted going in about three years, as last time I was there Xander decided to hop onto a bus and I had to leave one-year-old Jordis in our wagon next to a police officer while I ran to retrieve him. But they can both walk a good distance now and I had help from my mom, so I thought we'd try again. Okay, that's only partly true. Jason is on first shift now and I think he looks hot in his uniform, so Touch-A-Truck is really an excuse for me to go see him at work. There, I said it.

After seeing Dad we moved on to the fire truck. Jordis wouldn't get on it though because she didn't want anyone to help her on or off.

The big favorite was the pink limousine from the Sweet and Sassy store. Before getting in Jordis got a star on her cheek and glitter in her hair.

They also tried out a zamboni, snow plow, dump truck, tractor and trash truck.

After saying goodbye to Jason we went to spend some time at the park, then my mom treated us to some Rita's Italian Ice. It was so hard to choose a flavor. Luckily they let you taste them first.

Xander had cookies n' cream, Jordis had Swedish Fish, I had Florida Orange and my mom had strawberry and lemonade (they'll let you pick two flavors in one serving if you want). It was such a great way to cool off on a hot day.

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