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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Run for the roses

Yesterday I decided to take the kids to see the Park of Roses in Columbus. Besides Inniswood it's my other favorite park in town, especially this time of year when the roses are almost at their peak. The kids didn't really want to go and complained the whole way there, but then later they said they asked me when we could come back. We started by having a little picnic on a bench in the shade. A few people were walking dogs and the kids liked watching them while we ate. Then we walked around to look at some flowers.
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They thought this staircase gazebo was pretty cool.

All was going well and we were headed towards the bathroom when Jordis tripped and fell on a gravel path, cutting both of her knees. I typically have a first aid kit in my purse, but I had switched purses, so all I had to give her was a few napkins and an ice pack from our picnic.

Here is our four-year-old tending to her injuries after I tried to clean her off and get the gravel out.

Here is her 34-year-old mother lying in the grass so she didn't pass out after seeing the blood. (If you can't make fun of yourself you're taking life way too seriously, right???)

Last week I got lucky when Xander hurt himself, as my neighbor, Lisa, had been taking a walk right before and stopped to chat. I threw a Band-Aid at her and said "Here, put this on my kid." She still had to witness my lying-in-the-grass phenomenon, but yesterday I had no help. Thankfully we didn't need any Band-Aids after a bit and Jordis was happy to continue on her way. In fact, she was so fine that she didn't care until bath time that she had immersed her cuts in sand at the playground. Then she screamed in horror at the bath and follow-up peroxide I used to try and get the dirt out. Anyway, we finally made it to the restroom and then off to the pond and playground where the kids made a friend.

We were hot and exhausted by the time we left, but the kids had fun which was my only goal for the day, so it was worth the adventure.

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