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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Working Girl

Anyone who knows Jordis is fully aware that she loves to be a helper.  Cracking eggs, washing dishes, cleaning baseboards, she likes to volunteer for pretty much anything.  I want her to learn skills, but there are some days that her "help" leaves me more flustered than not.

A few weeks ago she came in quite handy though when it was time to paint the fence posts Jason had put up in the yard.  She is like her momma and LOVES to paint.
Today she decided she was going to go to work with me.  She didn't even really ask, just told me she was packing her purse so she could come with me and have things to do.  Typically I would have to let her down and tell her no, but my boss is on vacation so I called her assistant and she told me she didn't care if I brought her.  So off we went.  Jordis brought some 3D glasses, a mini Santa Claus puzzle, a pencil, a red crayon, an orange marker, a necklace made out of beads and pasta, a miniature bible that came with her baby doll, her DS, and her wallet (filled with play money, of course).

As any typical woman would do, we had to stop in the restroom as soon as we entered the building.  In fact, we had to go to the restroom four times over the course of the afternoon.  Maybe because I taught her how to use the water cooler, or because she became a connoisseur of hot tea while we were there. 

A co-worker gave her a few of her (personal, not stolen from work) file folders to put her drawings in that she created with an ink pen and her one crayon and marker.  I also let her open my mail and will now probably start hiding my letter opener at home.  Whew!  She can wield that thing.

I was very impressed with how well she entertained herself even though she had more fun with my phone than she did with any of her own things.  Apparently she knows how to use the camera.
I think she might grow up to be the girl who goes to work and takes pictures of herself on the copier.

She was looking like quite the professional by the time we left to come home.

 Come on, Mom!  Places to go, people to see.

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