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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Family Christmas - Part 3 - Christmas Afternoon

After the business of Christmas morning and Jason's siesta, my mom and step-dad came over for the remainder of Christmas day. I'm not a big fan of ham so our early evening dinner entree was cranberry meatballs. My mom brought side dishes and I also made homemade sweet potato biscuits and coconut cream pie. (Okay, the crust wasn't homemade. But the rest of the pie was).

After dinner we attempted to take the kids out to ride their new power wheels. Jordis' battery had died though as we hadn't thought to charge it. They had to take turns with Lightning McQueen and that didn't go over so well. Xander needs some driving lessons, too.

After that it was our final round of presents.

Enjoying our new things.

Jordis is such a good mommy to her new Anna Bear.

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