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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowy week!

We've had so much snow this week. This is a tree that I love, and every week when I pass it on my way to church I tell myself I need to pull over and take a picture of it. I planned on doing it Sunday and then it snowed during church so I had to stop for sure. The kids had no interest or understanding of why anyone would stop in the middle of the road and get out of the car to photograph a tree, but trees speak to me for some reason. If you've been to my house in the past year think about what's above my mantel.

We had planned on grilling steak that night and by golly Jason was going to be sure we did, even though it was only about 16 degrees. We let the kids play in the snow during the grilling. I promised to get their sled out of the crawl space if they would stand together and take a few pictures.

Then they gave each other rides.
On Tuesday we got a little more snow, but I didn't really feel that the 2-hour school delay was necessary for what looked like less than 2 inches of snow. When I was a kid we never closed school for that measley amount of snow. There was no such thing as a delay. You either had so much snow that there was no school, or you went on time.

Today school was closed. It started snowing last night, then we got ice, then it snowed on top of that all morning. The news says we only got about 6 inches here, but I think it looks like more. Maybe we just got 6 inches today and it's resting on the snow from yesterday and Sunday. Not sure. But today I took the kids out to play for awhile. Jordis was apprehensive at first but she wasn't heavy enough to really sink through all the snow and ice, so she had a blast once I got her into the yard. She had snot running down her face and everything and didn't care. Xander made a snow angel and I brought them out some little bottles of colored water to color the snow. A squirt bottle would have worked better but I didn't have one, so I need to remember to pick up a few because they really liked the colored snow.

I scooped up some fresh, clean snow when we first went out and I'm hoping to make snow ice cream after dinner. I've never tried it so hopefully it turns out okay.

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