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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Not much to say

I've been a little lax in making posts lately because I really just don't have much to say. Which is precisely why I don't like this time of year. It's so BORING.

Xander went back to school, Jason's days off switched to Sunday and Monday and I still haven't found a place to put all the new things the kids got for Christmas. Oh, and our 10 1/2 year old dryer is finally on its last leg so our new one is coming next Friday. Gotta love those first of the year expenditures that were unexpected. Okay, I guess it wasn't totally unexpected since we've thought the dryer was going to go "any day now" for the past three years. But you know what I mean.

Since I have nothing to report I thought I'd share some of the photos we ordered from Disney. (Yes, I know you're all gagging since I already posted a million other photos of our trip. I told you, it's a slow month). They have stations all around the theme parks where you can pose for photos and then they charge you an arm and a leg for the CD, which you'll pay for, because you know 10 years from now you'll have to have that photo of your kid doing XYZ.

Here's Jason and Xan on the test track ride at Epcot.

Jason and I pretending to like each other (ha,ha).

Epcot at night has always been one of my favorite sights.

I let Jason wait in the character line with Jordis this time.

I think this is the most seductive princess I've ever seen. Not trying to be mean, she just has that look about her. It's not like these girls are REALLY princesses. I'd love to see them outside of work.

Xander actually asked to go see Goofy without being prompted.

We were all kind of exhausted at this point.

And last but not least...

...this was one of my favorites until Jason made an observation....

..Mickey is totally groping me.

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