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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Charlie Brown Snowman

So we're all familiar with Charlie Brown and his tiny Christmas tree, right? Well, today we created a Charlie Brown Snowman.

When I was out this morning with Xander as he went to school, I was trying to teach him how to make snowballs. I "thought" that the snow seemed like good packing snow, so I told him that after school we could make a snowman.

It didn't go so well.

The snow was kind of icy, so it definitely wouldn't roll. Not that we had much more than an inch to work with anyway. We kind of had to stack it.

After about 5 minutes Xander quit helping and went to make his own snowman and then claiming boredom went in and sat and watched us work from behind the storm door.

Jordis was a little trooper, but her poor little cheeks were so red I knew we couldn't stay out long enough to make a full-fledged snowman. His body was turning into a cone instead of a ball because it kept falling down the sides, and it was taking forever to try and do something about it.

So our snowman just has a head....

as well as a scarf, plastic carrot nose, plastic hat, and eyes made out of rocks. He had a sea grass mouth but it's gone, and Jason found our plastic snowman pipe after the fact in the toy room.

Oh well. It was fun and the kids were happy with it, which is all that matters.

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