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Friday, August 21, 2009

Xander picked a wife

Lately Xander has been trying to understand familial relationships. This week he told me he didn't want kids because he's not changing diapers, but a wife would be okay. Except he calls it his "life." Ironic, since your wife should be your life, or maybe you want her out of your life. Either way, I found it kind of fitting.

First he decided I would be his wife. I was flattered. But I explained that I can't be his wife because I'm his mom. So he decided he would choose his cousin Carson, because they're the same age and like the same toys. Logical, and great that he's seeking some commonality with his mate, but had to tell him that
a) Carson is a boy and your wife should be a girl, and
b) your wife can't be someone you're already related to. At least not legally.
(Okay, so I skipped that part, didn't figure the discussion needed to be that deep).
He proceeds to choose Ba Dee (aka, my mom) and I remind him again that she's a relative but good job picking a girl this time.

So then he asks me, "Well how am I 'sposed to pick her if I don't know who she is?"
I thought this was a pretty good common sense question (I am all about common sense), because I suppose if you're five it wouldn't occur to you that you might spend the rest of your life with a stranger, as opposed to someone you already know and like.
I explained that your future spouse doesn't necessarily have to be someone you currently know, but that you could meet them later when you're older. He seemed pretty satisfied with this answer and the discussion ended as I took him to his pottery class where he refused to go in to the room that was full of a few boys and mostly....girls.
Maybe he was afraid he'd have to pick one of them?

The next day he greeted me upon waking with, "Hey Mom! I figured out who my life can be!"

"Who?," I asked.

"Taylor Swift!"

"Excellent choice!" I say, as we high-five.

It took a day, but now I know he gets it.


my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

I love this story!!!!!! You'll be so glad you recorded it someday. These are the adorble moments we don't ever want to forget. That Xander, what a cutie!

Tiffany said...

Oh, he sounds like so much fun! That is too cute. Love it. He will love hearing that story someday! : )