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Monday, February 15, 2010


Okay, really? More snow?

Back on February 5th I was excited about our first big snow of the year. I was outside taking videos to send to our family and friends in Louisiana. That was the last time I've seen any grass.

But we had fun. We had movies and books and snacks. We made hot chocolate and chocolate chip snow cream.

Jordis loves the snow. She's helped me shovel and would play out there all day if you let her.

It was the weekend and the kids were due to be home and it was nice to stay in and do nothing.

Then a few days snowed some more. There was already 14 inches on the ground and it was piled so high that we were running out of places to put it when we shoveled.

On the second day in a row of no school my friend down the street invited my kids down to play with her kids. It took me an hour to get them ready and down there. I think they played outside for 30 minutes. They were getting creative, too, using sleds to go down the slide on the swing set.

The other day, Jason called me from work to tell me about a refurbished snow blower he saw at the mechanic's where they have their cruisers serviced. He told me how much it costs new versus what this man wanted for his. I said, "Watch, we'll spend the money for it and it won't snow the rest of the year" and he said "Great!" So much for irony, as we got another 7-9 inches of snow today. You'll notice there's no picture. It's because I'm over it. Tired of snow suits, gloves and boots in front of my fire place. Tired of the dog shaking wet snow all over my carpet, tired of snow days and missing bible study two weeks in a row.

The snowblower works great though.

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