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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disney On Ice

Meet Jen.

Jen is my really fun friend. You can always have a good time with her, doing the most random things. She'll take an impromptu vacation, try any type of festival food and is even the type of friend that would go with you and take stupid pictures in a bathroom using the disposable camera from someones wedding reception (not that we'd do that). Anyway, a few weeks back Jen got some free tickets to Disney On Ice and shared them with us for a show this past week. Jordis got all dressed up in her Minnie Mouse outfit (thanks to Aunt Karrie) and Mickey Mouse hair barrette and set up shop next to her future prom date, a.k.a. Jen's little guy, Arjun.

We anxiously awaited the start of the show.

Align Center

The kids were so excited when it started!

Mickey and Goofy

It's A Small World

Beauty and the Beast


All the characters

It was past bedtime when we left and the kids were completely worn out.

But it was so much fun.

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Sarah said...

O my gosh, Jordis passed out in her carseat is too funny! LOL