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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jason!

Today is Jason's birthday. I've spent the past 15 days being 2 years older than him, so I'm glad it's back down to just 1 year. I don't feel so old that way. I can't believe he's moved up 2 more age ranges (by decade) since we met. He was just a teenager then and now he's climbed the ladder enough to be considered "in his thirties" instead of just at the beginning stages. I'm not saying it to be mean, I'm in the same boat myself. Just my way of noticing how time flies. I don't tend to sugar-coat things, it is what it is.

Anyway.....the kids have really enjoyed his birthday. They actually both participated in making him cards. No fighting, no arguing, they even decorated the front AND the inside of their cards. Xander put his signature "X" on the one he made. X marks the spot, you know. And as soon as Jason got up they were shoving them in his face.

After presents....

....the kids "helped" me make Jason's cake. We basically fought over who poured in what ingredients and in which order, then we beat each other with rubber spatulas. Xander got mad that I wouldn't let him stick his spatula in the mixer so he excused himself from the cake-making process and wouldn't even taste the batter. Jordis stayed to inspect my work and then eagerly had a few bites of the remnants that didn't make it into the pan. I know, I know, I fed her *gasp* raw egg. I've been consuming uncooked cake and cookie batter my whole life and it hasn't killed me yet, so I'm not too worried. Rest assured, I don't feed it to them on a regular basis.

The kids went to bed while it was still baking so they haven't seen the finished product yet, but it turned out pretty good. Jason says my making things from scratch is unnecessary, but it's just what I do. I like things to be homemade (with love) whenever possible. And he deserves it.

Now I'm off to make tortilla soup for my beloved's birthday dinner. His wish is my command. Just for today, ha-ha.

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Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Jason! The cake looks yummy...Mmmm!!!!