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Monday, October 27, 2008

Xander goes to school!

Today was the big day. Okay, it was yesterday. But I fell asleep working on this last night so it still says today. Xander was up at 5-something and we managed to keep him in his room until 7:30. He ate, brushed his teeth and got dressed. Thanks for the cool new outfit Ba and BaDee! The bus was supposed to come at 8:40. Xander was ready to go at 8:20. So we bundled up and went outside to wait. Our neighbor, Mr. Kevin, was leaving while we waited, so the kids were telling him goodbye. The bus came and Xander marched right on. No trepidation, no "goodbye," no hugs. We could barely get his attention for a photo. He had to sit next to another boy but he didn't mind, just waved out the window at me. We're sure his reaction to riding the bus has to do with the E-card Jason's Uncle Ricky and Aunt Chris sent him. It was super cute and showed all these animals having so much fun getting on the bus. That's what I want to think anyway. That's easier to believe than the fact that he didn't act like he was going to miss us. Jordis was very sad.
While he was gone we made him a welcome home sign and decorated his kitchen chair. For our special 1st-day-of-school dinner we had some alphabet pasta and what was supposed to be bus shaped garlic bread. My bus cookie cutter doesn't work so well on bread. I even brought out the china. Jordis was so excited when he came home. She just about knocked him over. He just wanted to know if it was time to watch TV.

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my stay-at-home-momma drama said...

That pic of Jordis is sooooo adorable. That must go in a scrapbook! Someday she won't believe you when you tell her she cried when Xander went to school. ha! Keep us updated on how school is going. How exciting!