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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Fall Crafts Are Finished!

The kids and I have been crafting like crazy over the past month or so. Actually, I've been doing most of the crafting. The kids like to help in the beginning and then part way through decide they're finished so I end up doing the rest.

Here's what we've made this fall:

Jordis' spider

Our clay pumpkins for the banister. These were fun, and we made some Christmas ornaments as well.

Okay, so this isn't technically a fall project, but it was fun. The kids are earning allowance now and they get to split it between a bank for saving and a bank for spending. Xander already had more than one bank, but Jordis didn't, so I made her one for her spending money. It's decoupage and I made it to match her room.

Finally, to see what I did with the black socks I bought at Goodwill (referred to in my post dated 9/24). I know my neighbor Lisa's sister, Katie, has been on the edge of her seat to see what will become of said socks. Ha, ha. They have turned into bats for our front yard tree.

I would like to have more than two bats, so maybe I'll make more next year. The kids liked this craft because it involved playing with batting. I did not like this craft because the glue gun and I had a rough time reacquainting after some years of non-glue crafting.

Last, but not least, are my ghosties. I think these are my favorite. They're not quite as spaced out as I wanted them, but our dirt is horribly filled with rocks and we had trouble getting them in the ground, so they couldn't go exactly where I had planned. But they're fun, and the neighbor's dog likes to bark at them, which is kind of cute.

Jordis likes the ghosts, too!


Sarah said...

I love the decorations!So cute! Howdid youmake the ghosts?

Kate said...

Your crafts are adorable!!! I will have to take a drive by on my next trip to my sisters and see the ghosts up close and personal :)