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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Buster loves Mellie

Buster is our dog (MY dog when he's in trouble) and Mellie is my friend. Just so everyone knows.

I used to work with Mellie at WCOL and she's a friend like no other. She can be both small town Kentucky and sophisticated business woman all in the same day. She is a ton of fun, fiercely loyal, and incredibly thoughtful. Now that she lives over an hour away we don't see each other like we used to, but she always makes sure to keep in touch with cards for every occasion and random gifts for no reason.

Mel's a big animal advocate and understands that Buster just isn't getting the attention he did before the kids came along. He used to be the dog I took on car rides just because I knew he liked it. He had a sweater. I dressed him up for Christmas. He ate his fair share of lettuce (he LOVES lettuce). Now he's getting old and a little lonely.

But Mellie remembers him at Christmas and yesterday he got a package in the mail. Mind you, it was wrapped prettier than most Christmas gifts I've seen given to humans. It even included a card with pictures of all of Buster's doggie friends visiting Santa. Upon closer inspection I realized that Mellie was even the Santa. I'm telling you, she goes all out.

The kids got a huge kick out of this and wanted to help open the present. Once it was open Buster was really interested. It was a box of homemade dog treats, cut out into Christmas shapes. I let the kids give him one even though they wanted to give him the whole box.

So on behalf of Buster, thanks Mel for thinking of him as only you can. He totally feels the love.

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