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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas - Part 1

Between work and travel commitments we always have a lot of coordinating to do, but somehow we always seem to manage to celebrate Christmas with our families. This year all the gatherings are at our house, so we have quite a busy week. Tonight we celebrated with Jason's family.

The kids have been excited since they got up today and were even hamming it up before church.

Xander was really excited about his racetrack.

Nanny Mo got Jordis some duck slippers, but don't you dare ask her to pose in them.

MawMaw and PawPaw are glad THEY aren't the ones assembling all of these toys.

We attempted a family picture but after 5 tries we gave up. Jason wasn't much better than the kids. It took us 10 pictures to get something decent.

Monique's boyfriend helped Jordis name her new dog. Meet Dolce. Her carrying case matches Jordis' dress, so they're ready to hit the streets of Los Angeles to see and be seen.

Aaaah, Geo Trax. They had to be put up tonight. He doesn't know there are more on the way.

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