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Friday, December 26, 2008

My amazing husband!

Jason got me the best gift EVER this Christmas.

"It's just a dress," you say. And if you've ever seen me in any clothing that shows my upper body you've probably already realized it's not even the most flattering dress for my figure.

But it's not the dress itself that's the actual present, it's how it came to be.

You see, whenever we go on vacation I have issues buying myself souvenirs. I always try to get us a Christmas ornament because we put up a "travel tree" at Christmas, but other than that I tend to feel that the vacation itself is the treat and I really probably shouldn't spend the extra money on something I don't "need." In fact, last year when we went to The Outer Banks my mom had to practically drag me to the register at closing the night before we had to leave. And even then I couldn't decide if I really wanted what I was buying. Jason, on the other hand, buys himself whatever he wants because we're on vacation and we should do it right. Then we get home and I'm sad because Jason has a bunch of cool stuff and I don't.

So this year I made a conscious effort to get something for myself. In New Orleans I got a book, a pretty photo holder for all my trip pictures, and a fabulous fleur di lis shirt.

See my shopping bag?

In Newport I got three new belly button rings. (Not that much to choose from in Newport folks). In Florida, I wanted this dress.

I saw it at Downtown Disney the first day we were there. We were on the way out and the kids were at their breaking point. I told myself I'd try to come back before we left Florida and if it was still there I'd try it on. That way I had all week to see what else I might find in the meantime.

I never found anything else, so when we went back to Downtown Disney the night before we left I was excited to try it on. They had a small and a medium, and they both fit. They were also both defective. One had a busted seam and the other had something else wrong with it. I was devastated. For once I picked a souvenir and I couldn't have it. I actually cried. Then I went and bought a few other things just for the sake of buying them (although I do like them).

Unbeknownst to me, Jason had taken a photo of the tag on the dress and after we got home he spent a bunch of time online trying to find me another one just like it. When it was ordered I was given strict instructions not to look at the labels on the package if it arrived when he wasn't available to get it off the porch. Interestingly enough he didn't even spoil the surprise by accidentally giving me some kind of hint.

So, it's not the dress itself that is the gift, but that he knew how much I wanted it and made the effort to find it for me.

And in case he doesn't realize how much I appreciate it (since I tend to nag remind him here and there about other things he does that I don't like, such as using colorful vocabulary around the children), here's a list of other reasons I think he's incredible...

1. He remembers the anniversary of our first date (including the day of the week), what we ordered to eat and what I was wearing.

2. He didn't laugh at me last week when I was in our closet trying on the outfit mentioned above (5 pounds equals a lot of inches when you're only 5'1").

3. He thought I was sexy when I was pregnant and let me think I didn't have any stretch marks until I discovered them after I could see the bottom of my stomach again.

4. He changes diapers without being asked, just because it needs done.

5. He cleans bathrooms and washes dishes.

6. When he works 3rd shift he calls me at midnight to say "Happy (Insert Birthday/Holiday Here)" so he can be the first person to say it on the actual day.

7. He stays home with the kids sometimes so I can get out by myself for awhile.

8. He sits on the couch and listens to me while I blather on about my latest disease-of-the-week.

9. He rubs my feet just because they're there.

10. He plays with the kids (I'm so bad at make believe).

11. He makes the best pancakes and chicken etouffee.

12. He secretly likes my hair long but will say his favorite style is whichever way is easiest for me to do.

13. He pretends to believe that it really takes an hour or more for my bathing routine when I'm sure he knows I just go really slow so I can be alone for awhile.

14. He didn't gloat when LSU beat Ohio State at the Sugar Bowl last January and still held my hand on Bourbon Street when I was wearing my bright red jersey (or maybe that was just a measure on his part to keep me safe?).

15. He likes this song by Brad Paisley that's all about it being worth it to wait on your woman.

Sittin' on a bench at West Town Mall
He sat down in his overalls and asked me
You waitin' on a woman
I nodded yeah and said how 'bout you
He said son since nineteen fifty-two I've been
Waitin' on a woman

When I picked her up for our first date
I told her I'd be there at eight
And she came down the stairs at eight-thirty
She said I'm sorry that I took so long
Didn't like a thing that I tried on
But let me tell you son she sure looked pretty
Yeah she'll take her time but I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

He said the wedding took a year to plan
You talk about an anxious man, I was nervous
Waitin' on a woman
And then he nudged my arm like old men do
And said, I'll say this about the honeymoon, it was worth it
Waitin' on a woman

And I don't guess we've been anywhere
She hasn't made us late I swear
Sometimes she does it just 'cause she can do it
Boy it's just a fact of life
It'll be the same with your young wife
Might as well go on and get used to it
She'll take her time 'cause you don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

I've read somewhere statistics show
The man's always the first to go
And that makes sense 'cause I know she won't be ready
So when it finally comes my time
And I get to the other side
I'll find myself a bench, if they've got any
I hope she takes her time, 'cause I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

Honey, take your time, cause I don't mind
Waitin' on a woman

Did I mention that he's amazing?

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