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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Xander has really been into Earth Day since he learned about it last year in preschool. He was distraught last year on vacation when we were eating breakfast at our hotel one day. He noticed the cups had triangles on them and everyone was throwing them in the trash instead of recycling them. How excited we were when we just stayed at the Hampton a few weeks back and found that this particular location was using all biodegradable products in the breakfast room.

I was a little busy with the birthday parties this year to work on any fabulous Earth Day projects, but we did do a few things over the past week in recognition of the occasion. The first thing we did was take a walk and collect trash from the common areas. It was actually my attempt at getting Xander to take a walk. Who knew that offering up the opportunity to pick up other people's crap was more enticing than just walking for fun?

Not only did they fight about who got to each piece of trash first, but they keep asking when we can go find more trash. Huh?

We also ate sandwiches in the shape of flowers. This was Jordis' idea after seeing it in the Princess and the Frog cookbook my dad and step-mom got her for her birthday.

Last night Jason had to work second shift so I took the kids to Inniswood. This is a park where Jason and I had our engagement pictures taken and it's much closer to our old house, which is why we don't visit more often. But we should because it's absolutely gorgeous there. The kids both got digital cameras for their birthdays so I thought they'd enjoy using them to photograph the flowers. In the meantime I was able to take some pictures of my own.

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