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Monday, April 19, 2010

Sensational Six

So the little man turned six last week. Or as Jason would say, he's 1/3 of his way to being out of the house. It's not so much that Jason wants him to leave, but the kids reaching adulthood is how he counts down the number of years he has until he retires.

More than likely Xander won't be out of the house at 18 anyway. He'll either find some way to become emancipated at 15 or he'll con us into staying until he's 30. Who knew the kid would be such a negotiator? Oh, wait, he's mine. Guess that personality trait was kind of a given.

Here is a look back at birthdays past:

And now he is six. We're so impressed with how smart he is and all that he's learning at school. His reading skills are above average and he's got a great vocabulary. He likes to write in all capital letters, which does not impress his teacher. He loves the color blue and his favorite food is pepperoni pizza without cheese. He has absolutely no patience for anything that takes longer than 30 seconds. His favorite show is Scooby Doo. He is all about creating new foods from whatever is on his plate. He is ALWAYS hungry. This kid tries my patience like no one I've ever met, but I still love him more than anything.

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

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