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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The journey home

Since Jason had taken off the week after Easter, we decided to break up our trip home from Tennessee into two days and do a few things on the side. Our first stop was at Louisville Slugger. (Assuming I don't have to tell you it's in Louisville, KY).

There was a museum, a tour, a movie and some adult/kids batting cages. It was definitely hard for our kids to enjoy since they were probably a little young for it, but they did get excited at the end of the tour when we were all given individual mini baseball bats. I was excited because the factory smelled like the woodshop my grandpa used to have in his basement when I was little. They were making bats while we were there so it was neat to see the process, although I was a little bummed that we weren't allowed to take pictures in the factory. We got these cute shots though.

After leaving Louisville we continued north, stopping in Newport to eat at Pompilio's, one of our favorite places. The kids shared a spaghetti, I tried the lasagna and Jason got his favorite dish a cheese tortellini with chicken and sun-dried tomatoes in an artichoke cream sauce. It's so good but I never get it myself because it's just too much cheese and dairy for me, so Jason always gives me a bite. We took a risk eating on the patio since it was about to storm, but we made it out of there just in the knick of time.

Back across the river we stopped for the night at a Hampton in Fairfield. We love Hampton Inn because they are so consistent wherever you go. On this particular visit the kids' sofa bed was broken and they couldn't sleep on it, so we were upgraded to a jacuzzi suite. The next day we took a trip to the Bass Pro Shop. Jason has been wanting to go and it's the closest one to where we live, so that's why we chose to spend the night in Fairfield. The kids didn't really make it a very enjoyable experience, but they were impressed with the giant fish tank and this Kodiak Bear.

I was impressed with what appeared to be a two-story Kohl's next door, but I didn't go to check it out because it could have been a little dangerous. My desire had been to stop at Jungle Jim's, so we went there after leaving Bass Pro Shop. Jungle Jim's is a large international grocery store. The kids really didn't want to be there so we didn't get to spend a lot of time, but they had some things I haven't been able to find in Columbus so it was a succesful venture. Before heading home we stopped for lunch at this yummy restaurant. The kids were very well behaved and Jordis even politely called the waitress over to ask for a refill. We were quite impressed. And now that we're back home, we just wait to see who gets the first injury from the baseball bats.

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